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Monday, December 22, 2008


Photo Credit: Top left, top right and bottom middle images Martha Stewart Weddings; Top middle image Value Flora; Bottom right image Calla Mag ; Bottom right Do It Yourself 
Yes, you read right. Today, we will look at some ways carnations can add to your wedding day decor. I have been told that carnations are considered a flower for funerals. I had never heard that. So, to dispel that rumor (and it is a rumor), let us delve into carnations as a wedding flower.

I have had brides who could not see themselves using carnations as their primary wedding flower. For one of my October brides we made it the primary reception decor flower by arranging moon (purple) carnations into tight bunches inside a four-inch square vase for her centerpieces. These, along with over 300 wine glasses filled with floating candles, created a simple, but incredibly elegant display for her wedding guests. More to come on that wedding later.

There are many ways to use carnations outside of the bridesmaid's bouquets. I chose the above images to bring that point home. The first image demonstrates how you can utilize carnations as a beautiful, fluffy base for your escort cards. Now, this can be a simple project for your florist or it can be a major undertaking for you and your loved ones. Sidenote: When planning your wedding, be a bride or a groom or a mom and let your vendors be vendors. Stay tuned for a series on not over-DIYing yourself.

Carnations are available in almost any color you can imagine. If your wedding colors are turquoise and red or black and pink, there are carnations that will compliment your color scheme. If you don't have an eye for color (and it's okay if you don't), then ask a florist or wedding designer their thoughts on bringing in flowers in colors that add to your wedding color scheme. Read more here and here about not getting yourself stuck on two wedding colors.

The third image clearly shows that carnations are not for the budget-friendly bride, a term that I wish would be replaced with simply saying, Hey, I want to buy a house after my wedding so I don't want to spend all my money on this one day. Moving along...this beautiful wedding bouquet is simply arranged, but what makes it kick is the wide, double-faced satin ribbon that has been added to it.

The fourth image would make a perfect accent decor for a buffet table or registry table. When planning your wedding decor, don't forget the perimeters. It would be a lovely touch for your guests to see a display like this in the restrooms of your venue. Even the men will appreciate seeing this in their loo.

Take these images, or any images you find, and let them be the catalyst, not the ending, of your wedding flower planning.

Let me know what you think of today's flower and how you can incorporate them into wedding decor. If you're not following us already, be sure to start following The Planner Pages so you don't miss out on any planning advice and ideas.

{in the plans :: DIY Overkill}


Christine said...

I fully agree. Carnations can be used to create some beautiful designs. If you think "pave" you've got it.

WeddingFlowers said...

Great post, beautiful carnations. Thanks for wedding flowers arrangement ideas!

silk bouquets girl said...

Of course carnations can be used in any occasions. I definitely agree with you, it's not just funerals. I don't know where the rumor came from.

flowers sydney said...

I definitely agree with you, I love working with carnation flowers, from bouquets to centerpieces. By the way I like your arrangements:)